Yana Rusnak

B. 1993



Yana Rusnak is a Ukrainian contemporary artist, was born on November 11, 1993. She graduated from the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi National University with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and decorative and applied arts. She received a Master's degree in graphic design and a teaching degree in art education from a higher educational institution.


Artist Statement:

The concept of Yana Rusnak's paintings is an allegory, showing how human emotions and character are intertwined with the animal world.


The triangle is a fundamental shape that permeates our reality, particularly in the realm of spirituality. Each figure of the composition in Yana Rusnak's art works consists of triangles, each of which holds a special meaning and code. The triangle symbolises manifestation, enlightenment, revelation, and a higher perspective, and is frequently used to represent growth cycles leading to a higher state of being. In a spiritual context, it represents a path towards enlightenment or connection with an omnipresent being. Artistically, the triangle symbolises the creative output that arises from the harmony of opposites. Its adaptability is highly valued due to the variety of human moods it can represent.


The triangle's meaning is closely connected to the number three, which is present in all mystical teachings. The three forces are included in each angle of the triangle. Numerologically, the number "one" denotes power, "two" represents discovery, and "three" represents the birth of true wisdom.


Each artwork includes the colours of two precious metals: gold and silver. Silver is the symbol of the moon and represents innocence, purity, and mercy. On the other hand, gold represents the sun and symbolises stability and high value. Gold, also known by its Latin name, aurum, cannot be dissolved or tarnished by air, water, or most acids, making it a durable and long-lasting material. Its radiance and splendour are associated with the sun, and it is the only metal that does not tarnish over time.


The artist employs a textured background to create dynamism in her work. Yana Rusnak creates three-dimensional compositions using a special technique that involves mixing materials. Her paintings represent a fusion of the figurative and abstract styles. Yana not only held personal exhibitions but also organised exhibitions in partnership with embassies and cultural ministries from different countries.


In 2016, an exhibition was held in the city of Beirut, which was organised with the involvement of the Lebanese Ministry of Culture.

In 2018, an exhibition was held at the residence of the Austrian Ambassador in Baku, Azerbaijan. The event attracted not only collectors, art enthusiasts, and businessmen, politicians, artists, but also 12 ambassadors from different countries.

In 2018, the Ukrainian Embassy in Austria assisted with the organisation of a personal exhibition at the Gustav Klimt Museum in Vienna.

The artist represented Ukraine at the Open 20 anniversary exhibition in Venice, exhibiting her paintings alongside significant names in the art world such as Yoko Ono, Orlan, Phil Akashi, and Luigi Ontani.


The artist has participated in several international exhibitions, including Art Monaco, Art Miami, World Art Dubai, ADIHEX in Abu Dhabi, Art Palm Beach in Dubai and others.


Yana Rusnak's paintings are held in private collections and are on display in commercial buildings in Miami, New Delhi, Cairo, Beirut, Dubai, Riyadh, Kiev, London, Moscow and Geneva. 



Awards, Grants & Fellow:

2016, Winner of the Rixos Magazine Choice Prize. The prize included placement of Yana Rusnak’s painting on the magazine’s Sprint issue front cover, published in 27 countries.



Selected exhibitions:
2023, Women Expressions, Dubai, UAE
2023, Ukrainian artist’s exhibition, UVA Gallery, Miami, USA
2022, Revival Art-Dynamic Bright Edition, Dubai, UAE

2022, From terrible to beautiful, Palm Beach, Miami

2022, Online charity exhibition “Artists in support of Ukrainian refugees” , Artsy/ New York


2021, New Era, UAE

2018, Joint Exhibition with Freywille at the Austrian Embassy in Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan



Solo exhibitions:

2022, Solo Exhibition at Kempinski, UAE, Dubai

2018, Solo Exhibition at Villa Klimt, Wien, Austria

2017, Solo Exhibition in Museum of East and West Arts, Odesa,Ukraine

2016, Solo exhibition “Art Fusion” , Beirut, Lebanon

2016, Solo exhibition “FEELINGS” ,  Kyiv, Ukraine



Art fairs:


2021, World Art Dubai, UAE

2019, World Art Dubai, UAE

2018, Art Palm Beach,

2018, Art Beirut, Lebanon

2017, Art Miami, Fontainbleau Miami Beach

2017, Open 20 , Venice, Italy

2017, Kyiv Photo Week, Ukraine

2016, ARTMONACO’16, Monaco



Selected Press:

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