Dubai-based boutique art consultant, propels the UAE creative industry to a new experience with its bespoke, multi-disciplinary art specialist services alongside its roster of represented artists.  Developed by a dynamic sister duo, Anastasia and Natalia Kopijevski, Skaya’s curatorial expertise facilitates all aspects leading to a gallery exhibit and beyond. The cooperative and adjacent services specifically fill a market gap and cater to the sector’s dynamic operations and the UAE and wider region’s growing affection for artistic presence.   





The wide spectrum of services thoughtfully tailored to meet the needs of individuals and companies include:

-        Curatorial advice for on-site specific commissions.

-        Multi-stage exhibition steps:

  • Planning and Artist Development
  • Art Acquisition
  • Logistical Coordination and Handling
  • Collection Management
  • Installation




With the capacity to offer a full suite of services, Skaya developed a reputation for international artists to partner with as they engage with the Middle East art community. Such tie-ups led to a portfolio of creatives, the art consultancy cultivates for exhibitions and routinely positions in the region alongside corporate work.


“It’s been thrilling to see the UAE’s creative scene grow over the last decade. Opportunities to enhance exhibitions and artistic presence through global sector connections have further supported overall growth. With that, access to an established local partner to seek and facilitate industry connections was missing. I saw this as a window to work in an area my sister and I share a passion for whilst offering added value to individuals, and organizations alike with sound advice, asset planning, and management,” said Anastasia Kopijevski, Founder and Owner, of Skaya Art Agency.”

Having worked in the banking industry before making a career switch to luxury interior design, Anastasia intimately understood art’s value in both segments along with operations. Professional experience in Miami Design District further developed tactical knowledge and built strong relationships.


In parallel, Natalia’s marketing experience with a leading luxury publication, art networking, and fashion knowledge maintained a finger on the industry pulse and client tastes.  This combined expertise was used to engage with a wider spectrum of talent and businesses to create the expanded multi-disciplinary art consultancy.


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    Natalia Kopievskaja



    Natalia Kopijevskaja, Partner, Skaya Art Agency


    Holding a Master’s degree in International Relations and Journalism from the revered educational institution, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Natalia’s professional career has spanned several industries.

    She has worked at a leading luxury real estate publication as Marketing Director which allowed her to combine her passion for creative storytelling, and art to then share with a wider audience, whilst positioning the magazine brand. This was her foray into marketing and sales.

    A natural businesswoman and forward thinker, Natalia also relocated to New York where she worked in public relations and sales building an incredible marketing background and an equally great global network. She also dabbled in the fashion world for a brief time with her own line and is also a certified diamond dealer, where she still engages with clients on high-end jewellery purchases.

    While frequently travelling internationally between regional hubs like New York, Los Angeles, Dubai and Moscow for work, Natalia built a portfolio of global contacts that she continues to interact with.

    Equipped with tactical industry expertise, international relations studies, and an influential global network, Natalia combined these skills and applied them to the art market when she started working with her sister at Skaya Art Agency upon joining in 2017.

    As an art curator and advisor, Natalia uses her in-depth and varied knowledge base to create exhibitions from the start and nurture artists for solo and group shows alongside marketing the exhibitions and individual artists and connecting them with potential buyers.




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