Staying Informed: Top Art Publications and Websites to Follow

  • Art is ever-evolving, and it's essential to stay informed about the latest trends, exhibitions, and artists shaping the contemporary scene....
    Art is ever-evolving, and it's essential to stay informed about the latest trends, exhibitions, and artists shaping the contemporary scene. Whether you are an artist, collector, curator, or art enthusiast, following the top art publications and websites can provide you with valuable insights and inspiration. This article will introduce you to some of the leading resources for staying informed and engaged with the art world.
  • Artforum



    Artforum is a premier international art magazine that has been covering contemporary art since 1962. It offers in-depth articles, exhibition reviews, and insightful interviews with renowned artists, curators, and critics. Artforum also covers important art events, fairs, and biennials worldwide, providing a comprehensive view of the global art scene.

  • Frieze



    Frieze is a leading contemporary art and culture publication, featuring articles on emerging and established artists, as well as reviews of international exhibitions, fairs, and biennials. Frieze also offers a series of podcasts, videos, and online events that bring art to life, making it accessible to a broader audience.

  • ArtReview



    ArtReview is a monthly magazine that focuses on contemporary art and culture. It provides insightful articles, reviews, and interviews with prominent artists and curators, along with investigative pieces on the art market, collecting, and socio-political issues. ArtReview also releases an annual list of the most influential people in the art world, the Power 100.

  • Hyperallergic



    Hyperallergic is an online publication that offers a fresh and engaging perspective on art, culture, and politics. It combines news, reviews, and interviews with artists, curators, and critics, providing a unique platform for discussion and debate. Hyperallergic also features a blogazine that allows artists and writers to share their views and experiences.

  • The Art Newspaper

    The Art Newspaper


    The Art Newspaper is an invaluable resource for news, analysis, and opinion on art and the art market. It covers art-related events, such as exhibitions, auctions, and legal disputes, while also offering in-depth features on important artists, museums, and collectors. With its global network of correspondents, The Art Newspaper provides comprehensive coverage of the international art scene.


  • Artsy



    Artsy is a platform that connects artists, galleries, and collectors worldwide. It offers an extensive online catalog of contemporary and historical art, along with editorial content that includes articles, interviews, and exhibition reviews. Artsy also hosts online auctions and art fairs, making it an essential resource for both art enthusiasts and collectors.



  • Colossal



    Colossal is an art, design, and visual culture blog that explores a wide range of creative disciplines. It features articles on contemporary art, photography, sculpture, and street art, as well as interviews with artists and designers. Colossal also showcases innovative projects and installations from around the world, offering a visually rich and inspiring experience for its readers.

  • Artnews



    Artnews is one of the oldest and most respected art magazines in the world, covering a wide range of topics related to art, culture, and the market. It offers comprehensive coverage of exhibitions, auctions, and events, as well as in-depth interviews with artists, curators, and collectors. Artnews also publishes special annual issues, such as the Top 200 Collectors list and Women in the Arts.

  • Artnet News

    Artnet News


    Artnet News is a leading online source for art news, providing up-to-the-minute reports on exhibitions, sales, and important events in the art world. It features insightful articles, interviews, and reviews, as well as coverage of emerging trends and market analysis. Artnet News is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in staying informed about the latest developments in art.

  • Juxtapoz



    Juxtapoz is a contemporary art and culture magazine that focuses on underground and alternative art forms, such as street art, graffiti, illustration, and lowbrow art. It features interviews with both established and emerging artists, as well as reviews of exhibitions, books, and films. Juxtapoz also highlights unique and innovative projects from around the world, providing a distinctive perspective on the art scene.

  • Apollo Magazine

    Apollo Magazine


    Apollo is an international art magazine that covers everything from antiquity to the present day. It offers insightful articles on art history, conservation, and collecting, as well as interviews with artists, curators, and scholars. Apollo also features news and reviews of exhibitions, auctions, and events, making it an essential resource for anyone interested in art across all periods and genres.


  • Art21



    Art21 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging audiences with contemporary art through digital media and public programs. It produces a variety of content, including documentaries, interviews, and educational resources, which provide insights into the creative processes of today's leading artists. Art21 also hosts an online magazine that features articles, reviews, and essays on contemporary art and culture.



  • BOMB Magazine

    BOMB Magazine


    BOMB Magazine is a nonprofit arts and culture publication that focuses on in-depth interviews and conversations between artists, writers, musicians, and other cultural figures. It offers a unique platform for creative practitioners to discuss their work, ideas, and inspirations, providing readers with an intimate look into the minds of some of the most influential people in the arts.


  • e-flux



    e-flux is an international art platform that includes a journal, a curated project space, and an online archive. The e-flux journal features essays, interviews, and critical texts on contemporary art, culture, and theory, while the project space hosts exhibitions and other events. e-flux also offers an extensive archive of announcements related to exhibitions, publications, and symposia from institutions around the world.


    By expanding your horizons with these additional art publications and websites, you will gain a broader understanding of the global art scene, emerging trends, and the creative minds shaping contemporary art. Engaging with these resources will not only keep you informed but also inspire and enrich your own artistic journey.