Anna Chekh

Anna Chekh is a contemporary artist whose art comes across in several diverse forms, from art on a canvas, digital art, NFT’s to performances. She embraces new technology techniques to create unique experiences of interactive art.  Anna’s art offers a blend of contemporary surrealism with expression. Throughout her art, she uses cartoonish characters who play a main role in her pieces, and she uses them to bring up social topics in her work. The characters offer a range of expressions, so no matter how you are feeling you should be able to relate to one of them.


Faceless, is Anna’s latest exhibition to be on display and was started during the war in her home country, Ukraine. She believes art should bring joy, and though she was feeling emotional, the vibrant colours used throughout the collection should brighten people’s day. Threaded throughout the collection, a shadow and faceless man can be spotted, he is a shadow man, expressionless he is your alter ego. He is a faceless person whose desire is to experience everything by being in the thick of it whilst remaining the shadows.  He is easy to find yet hard to recognize.


I am a multifunctional artist and work with both traditional painting on canvas and digital art, as well as other mediums, Such as, sculptures, performances, metaverse and interactive technological installations. There are no boundaries for me, yet there is surreal flow of creative energy that can fill any empty physical or a virtual space. 


I often use technology in my work. I believe that this synergy is most in tune with the modern world.  When it comes to materials, I most often use acrylic paints, spray cans for graffiti, eco-plastic, from virtual mapping, WEB 3.0




2010-2016                           National Technical University of Ukraine - Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (NTUU KPI)


2008                                       Art School “Izostudio”, Dnepr, Ukraine



Professional Experience:


2020 – present                    International Artist


2014 – 2020                         Art director freelance projects


2014                                       Advertising and PR department of STB (TV Channel), Ukraine




Awards, Grants & Fellow:


2008                                      Name of the competition, Steklolast Art Competition (winner), city, Ukraine



Solo exhibitions:

2023                                       The Shadow Man, Roasters Specialty Coffee House, Dubai, UAE

2022                                       Faceless, Boccara Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2022                                       Installation “Bag’s tree”, Icon Siam, Bangkok, Thailand

2022                                       Faceless, Oblong contemporary gallery, Dubai, UAE

2022                                       Digital performance “World of shadow man”, VAGA, Dubai, UAE

2021                                       Time to make a choice, Bis Art gallery, Moscow, Russia

2008                                       Inspiration, Appolo Mall, Dnipro, Ukraine


Group exhibitions:

2023                                       Art open, Art Number 23 gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2020                                       Abstraworld, BisArt gallery, Moscow, Russia




Selected exhibitions:

2017                                       Art  presentation “Nature”, Cultural house of Borodina, Merano, Italy

2020                                       Group exhibition, Abstraworld, Moscow, Russia



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Professional Organizations:


Skaya Art Agency, Dubai, UAE


Lectures & Workshops:

2022                           Interactive “Creating your own digital art”, Oblong gallery, 19th of October, Dubai, UAE