New Era: Yana Rusnak

3 - 20 November 2021

Oblong Contemporary in Dubai opens up the winter season with the group show “New Era”, on the occasion of the inauguration of a new exhibition space in front of the Ain Dubai in Bluewaters Island.


Abol Atighetchi’s creations show a certain cult force and compositional devices that offer the viewer far more than an intense and genuine aesthetic satisfaction. In the “Lost Tribes” series, painted in 1991, the artist expresses his admiration towards old Tribes and ancient World Civilizations. In these works, Abol focuses on his own interpretation of the tribes of the American Indian Red Skin, the Canadian Aminiboine Sioux, and the Japanese civilisation with his painting “Hiroshima” (1991). So far never exposed, these paintings have been unveiled for the first time at Oblong Contemporary Gallery.


Yana Rusnak’s paintings are a mix between figurative and abstract concepts. Yana weaves some deeper human codes connected to symbols and metaphors to indicate the inner spirit. Love, Light, Nature, the Galaxy are the life-affirming emotion of the power of energy, passion and inner-self. Through the use of a particular technique to create artworks that contain elements of gold, Yana symbolises the mystery of the Earth, sunlight and holiness.


Stefano Bombardieri is deeply fascinated by the question of the human essence. He talks about it using animals as metaphors, with a highly philosophical approach that focuses onon themes such as time and its perception, man and the meaning of existence and the experience of pain in Western culture. Rhinos, elephants, crocodiles, whales are among the favourite subjects represented by Bombardieri. His artworks further hide a coded message which is an invitation for the viewer to respect nature and animals, whose survival is closely linked to ours.


Flavio Lucchini began to blur lines between fashion and art after a long career as one of the most renowned figures in the fashion editing industry. After 15 years of isolating himself in his studio, perfecting his works, he participated in his first exhibition. Lucchini’s artworks are real archives that document and honours different attribution of dress-mhyts in changing times. Conscious of social phenomena, he reads in his own way the dress that surfaces from the past, while reflecting on the trends, icons and social behaviour that are deeply insinuating in the present.