Revival Art: Yana Rusnak

14 December 2022 - 8 January 2023

Dubai-based boutique art consultant Skaya Art Agency is proud to present Yana Rusnak’s Revival Art (Dynamic Bright Edition) in Dubai at Oblong Contemporary Gallery as part of a group festive-themed exhibition. Yana’s collection on display includes a range of paintings featuring acrylic paint on canvas and aluminium foil which combines animalism and abstract aspects. The exhibition is free to attend and open to the public from 14th December 2022 to 8th January 2023 making it an ideal way for art enthusiasts to spend the holiday season. 

Yana is a renowned Ukrainian contemporary artist whose paintings are an allegory to how human emotions and character are intertwined with the animal world. Every figure in her compositions consists of triangles and each has a special meaning. The values​​of the triangle are multifaceted involving expressions of creativity, harmony, integration, subjectivity, manifestation, lightening, ascension and more. This universalism captures the themes of magic, occultism, and creativity and unites them in the triangle symbol which is inseparable from the number three representing symmetry, wisdom and understanding.

Each of Yana’s paintings include the colours of two precious metals: gold and silver. Silver symbolizes the colour of the moon and reflects values of innocence, purity, and mercy. Whereas gold represents the splendor and radiance of the sun, and a highly valuable and distinctive quality that does not deteriorate. By fusing figurative and abstract elements Yana’s artwork utilizes the best traditions of contemporary art and attempts to create a ‘dialogue with the universe’. Consequently, the artwork involves visual elements of music, light, nature and the galaxy revealing glimpses of the life-affirming emotion of golden energy. Moreover, each of Yana’s artworks also contain a gold nugget.

Yana’s work has had international appeal with her art being held in private collections worldwide and in commercial buildings in Miami, New-Deli, Cairo, Beirut, Moscow, Riyadh, Kiev, London, and Geneva. Revival Art (Dynamic Bright Edition) by Yana Rusnak presented by Skaya Art Agency can be viewed from 14th December 2022 until 8th January 2023 as part of the festive group exhibition at Oblong Contemporary Gallery. The launch night will take place on 13th December 2022 and will include refreshments.